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Passion, Love & February

In the spirit of February, a month that often celebrates love and affection, embracing our passions becomes a form of self-love. Just as we express love to others, let us extend the same care to ourselves by pursuing what makes us feel good. For almost a year, I’ve been cultivating new habits that have evolved into passions. In this post, I explore the impact of pursuing one’s passions on mental, emotional, and overall well-being.


Inspired by Mediterranean

The Mediterranean

Regardless of my location, I love to showcase and celebrate our coastline and all the stunning sea destinations throughout the Mediterranean.
The exclusivity is evident in limited edition illustrations, with each piece from collections being numbered, restricted to just 30 prints.
I create collections dedicated to seasons and special occasions, featuring art prints and illustrations.

BluePrint Collection

Simple lines capturing iconic landmarks in cities and places. These illustrations serve not just as decorative pieces but as windows to cherished memories, making them a perfect addition to your space.
new project

the Women's Breakfast Club

March Edition

We're thrilled to announce the launch of the Women's Breakfast Club Monthly Newsletter in March. Welcome to the Women's Breakfast Club, where we celebrate, inspire, and empower women to lead their best lives. In this monthly newsletter, we'll explore exciting topics, share valuable insights, and provide you with five actionable ideas for self-improvement.