The Women's
Breakfast Club

More Than a Newsletter, It’s a Lifestyle

The first newsletter drops on the 8th of March!

the Women's Breakfast Club


I’m excited to present "The Women's Breakfast Club," a monthly newsletter tailored for self-investing women interested in skill development, architecture and design, creative businesses and the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Our content covers a range of topics made for women, including skill set development, self-improvement, exclusive activities for self-care, hopefully, success stories of women in high positions, and most importantly celebrating the world of creative women while promoting local and small businesses around different areas.

5 self-care tips for this month

Curating a monthly list of five activities that women can do exclusively for themselves, promoting mental health and well-being.


Creative Expression

We’ll immerse ourselves in the world of artistic expression through the eyes of creative women in architecture and design,  galleries, workshops, books etc. 

Public Speaking and Skill Set Development

I want to provide exercises and educate more on the topic of public speaking and skill set enhancement because I worked and learned a lot going to similar educative workshops. I always find that in any type of business, women feel insecure about speaking, so let’s change that and work on it constantly, month by month.

Shop Local Mindset

We’ll explore how this mindset shapes their business philosophy and contributes to the sustainability of the communities they operate in.

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

Let’s open the doors to the world of entrepreneurs who have built their path from the ground up.

Join us!